Marj Marks

Animal Healer & Communicator

A group of people are sitting around a camp fire and the question is asked “what is the most important thing?” The people reply “ ‘tis people, ‘tis people, ‘tis people”. The same question is asked of the grasshopper. The grasshopper replies “ ‘tis grasshopper, ‘tis grasshopper, 'tis grasshopper.”
This is the story, as I remember it, told by the late Maori Tohuna,

Dr Rangimarie Turuki Arikirangi Rose Pere.


I am an animal healer/communicator. My intention is for my practice to support people to build healthy and respectful relationships with animals, while also attending to issues for the animals that may be of concern or that require attention. 

I love tuning in or linking in with an animal to see how I may help.

As we grow in awareness of the already existing sentience and intelligence of the animal kingdom, we have an opportunity to create a new paradigm, a new way of co-operating, not just with each other, but with nature, with the animals.

I am keen to participate in this unfolding journey, which in some ways is a return to what many ancient cultures, recognised as being the importance of relatedness, between all forms of life.

Some possible issues for contacting me include:

Emotional Upsets Or Challenges

Trauma (Past & Present)

Change eg. relocation, retirement, new home or lifestyle, new people


Grief – loss of significant others (animals or people)

Anxiety, fears, separation

Training, work

Euthanasia, death


"Thanks to Marg Marks for her treatment of my cat Taz who has made a full recovery. One incredibly happy cat now. It did take 8 months of treatment but well worth it. Just had to give him drops on his food 2-4 times a day. Much easier than giving him tablets three times a day from the vets for a least two months or more. Tablets had to be supply from a chemist as vets could not supply them. Vets also said maybe cut his leg off as the growth was intertwine with his foot and they were unable to just remove the growth. The growth was called feline leprosy (result of a rat bite). I cannot even give this cat a worm tablet let alone tablets three times a day for god knows how many months so giving him drops from Marg save this cat leg. This growth on his paw made walking very painful for him."